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Artistic Cutting Boards: Stylish Design Meets Function
We are inundated with visual stimuli constantly — from billboards during our commutes, our digital consumption, and even the items that we surround ourselves within our homes and offices. All of this visual information can take a heavy toll on our mental well-being, which is why we need to make conscientious choices about what we choose to surround ourselves with. When it comes to curating the right pieces for your home, an artistic cutting board is a small detail that can provide a lot of impact.

The design begins with details

Creating a space that speaks to who we are is more than merely collecting knickknacks and matching throw pillows. Our living spaces should be a reflection of our unique inner lives made manifest through careful selection and curation of statement pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Since so much of our lives are spent in the preparation and presentation of food, careful selection of the tools we use in our kitchens is paramount. 
 We could purchase any food processor and store in the back of a cupboard; instead, we may opt for a high-end stand mixer that reminds us of days spent helping a beloved grandparent. Our flatware and china sets can be strictly utilitarian box sets or carefully chosen pieces that serve as a ground for meals lovingly prepared. The cutting boards we choose, too, can be purely functional or they can be elegant serving platters and preparation stations that bring to mind handcrafted quality and artisan design. No detail is too small to be unimportant— from the forks to the artistic cutting boards.

When it comes to artistic cutting boards, craftsmanship matters

Whether choosing items for your personal use or to gift to a friend or loved one, quality craftsmanship is a hallmark of good taste and thoughtfulness. Artistic cutting boards are created by artisans who have spent years honing their craft and are experts at incorporating form and function into their creations. When we choose artistic cutting boards, we are choosing excellence in design and function.
 When we use items, like handcrafted cutting boards, it sets the right tone for our culinary creations. Wood is naturally warm; the neutral and balanced palette can calm the mind and help focus our intentions in the kitchen. The selection of an artistic cutting board created by a craftsman elevates an otherwise utilitarian item into a piece that is heirloom quality — one that we are proud to display or gift to a loved one.

Reflect your values with your purchase decisions

Choosing an artistic cutting board for your kitchen — or to give to someone we care about — is a reflection of our values. When we patronize local artisans, we support a network of creators who bring value to their community through time-honored craftsmanship and design. Harkening back to a time when quality was valued over mass production, our selection of an artistic cutting board underscores our commitment to the quality that only a skilled craftsman can provide.

Artistic boards are also ecologically friendly. The vast majority of even commercially available cutting boards are made from leftover bits of wood at mills — wood that would otherwise be thrown out. But artistic boards are made with the careful selection of found, repurposed or ethically sourced wood. By utilizing reclaimed, found, or sustainably harvested wood, the creators of artistic boards create functional and beautiful pieces that we can feel good about buying. 

Artistic cutting boards tell a story

When we consider where an item comes from we can see that it begins to tell a story. Artistic wood cutting boards, for instance, are more than just kitchen necessities; they are storytellers. The wood grain and patterns come from the years and weather conditions from the area in which the tree grew. The choice of wood and the manner in which it was cut, carved and sanded into a beautiful statement piece speak to the skill and eye of the craftsman who made the cutting board.

Every time we use an artistic cutting board, we are invited to imagine what the tree might have looked like or why the craftsman chose that particular cut of wood over another. There is simply no limit to the flights of imagination that the simple artistic cutting board can take us to.

Cutting boards can go beyond the kitchen

When we think about cutting boards, we tend to think of something that must be relegated to the kitchen. However, artistic cutting boards are multipurpose statement pieces that can function seamlessly in just about any room. 
  • A handcrafted artistic plank board can make an elegant trivet for candles or centerpiece decor in the dining room.
  • Use an artistic board to display other kitchen items, like salt and pepper dispensers, spices, or antique teacup set. The wood provides an elegant but neutral backdrop for most displayable items.
  • Cutting boards can be used as serving platters for charcuterie boards to complement a wine tasting. One can even create a theme for the evening by pairing the wood of the artistic board to the subtle notes in the wine.
  • Artistic cutting boards can be used as standalone art pieces on a tabletop, end table, or shelf. Reclaimed and found wood make exceptional sculptural art.
  • A cutting board can be included in repurposed furniture design. Larger artistic boards can be used as a one-of-a-kind tabletop, shelf, or another element.
  • An artistic cutting board can be used as a stylish backdrop to showcase other accessories in gift baskets.

When we choose items for our home, office, or professional kitchen, we should choose items that are not only beautifully functional and offer value, but that also reflect who we are as individuals. Even small details matter. The choice of an artistic cutting board for our use or to give as a gift is a small detail that can offer a big impact to design, form, and function.

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