Ten years ago we moved from a home in a busy suburb to a 1926 home nestled on 15 wooded acres on the side of Gildersleeve mountain in Northeast Ohio. On day one, we became very familiar with our trees as several of them literally grew right next to and all over our home. We had to remove dozens of trees to save our home, which launched our commitment to using the wood for future projects.  

Today, we live among old growth hardwoods that thrive in our unique weather thanks to Mother Nature. EagleCreek is in the middle of one of the major snow belts where lake effect can generate and dump very heavy snows in the winter months and additional moisture in the summer. We can actually see those weather patterns in the grain and structure of our hardwood trees. We take the time to look at our wood and find ways to express that unique beauty in every board we make. The difference between our board and a board made with commercial stock is noticeable not only in the beauty and depth in the grain, but also by our use of wood with natural character that is normally avoided in commercial timber.

EagleCreek Boards is growing by making custom boards using sustainable materials from both our land and local hardwoods milled and kiln-dried in the Amish community. Creating products derived from nature eliminates toxins, reduces carbon footprint, and provides a simplistic, natural look. Understanding where our wood is coming from provides comfort and confidence as we use our products just like our customers do. 

Our vision is to continue to provide uniquely beautiful cutting boards and other wood products. We are not interested in optimizing production equipment that strips our products of that hand-made quality. 

We want to continue to provide our customers with access to our beautiful wood and a voice for how we use it by offering custom work. Our customers can choose a size, the type of wood, and a custom configuration, and we work hard to accommodate special requests (like a solid board with no seams) to satisfy a growing number of people looking for nothing but our natural wood. 

We also understand that our boards are used for special gifts, whether it is a holiday, a wedding, a new home, or a remodelled kitchen. We appreciate input and ideas and welcome an email or phone call.