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Small Board Bundle for Small SpacesSmall Board Bundle for Small Spaces
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Chef's Board BundleChef's Board Bundle
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Chef's Board Bundle

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eaglecreek walnut live edge boardVariety Package Bundle
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Variety Package Bundle

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Best-Seller Bundlebest seller walnut live edge round oak butcher block
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Best-Seller Bundle

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Sustainable & Organic

Lovers of Nature

EagleCreek Boards selects the most beautiful wood available from our local community and hand-crafts cutting and serving boards from 100% natural, organic, highly durable, locally sourced native wood. Our boards are safe, long-lasting and uniquely elegant for discerning customers. EagleCreek is passionate about environmental responsibility and focuses on the health and long term beauty of trees and woodland ecosystems.

Unique Weather

Unique Beauty

Today, we live among old growth hardwoods that thrive in our unique weather thanks to Mother Nature. EagleCreek is in the middle of one of the major snow belts where lake effect can generate and dump very heavy snows in the winter months and additional moisture in the summer. We can actually see those weather patterns in the grain and structure of our hardwood trees. We take the time to look at our wood and find ways to express that unique beauty in every board we make. The difference between our board and a board made with commercial stock is noticeable not only in the beauty and depth in the grain, but also by our use of wood with natural character that is normally avoided in commercial timber.

Just a Dream

About Us

EagleCreek Boards launched in 2018 just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Our family-owned and operated business hand-crafts artisan, luxury cutting and serving boards from 100% natural, organic, highly durable, food-grade materials. Our boards are safe, long-lasting and uniquely beautiful for discerning customers. EagleCreek’s owners are passionate about environmental responsibility and incorporating natural beauty into home settings, using locally-sourced materials to create functional works of art that can be passed down through generations.

Our separate selection of single slab wood boards are individually chosen to reflect and showcase the beauty of the grain and wood.

REVISED Simply Elegant Single Slab Wood Boards

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Board Care Kit

Board Care Kit

Eaglecreek Boards

Board Care Kit

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