Why use glue when making a cutting board?

Why use glue?

We know that many prefer our boards without glue and as a single piece of natural wood. These are some of our most popular small boards.

We are also asked frequently, why some boards are boards glued in sections?

Typically, boards are constructed with several smaller boards because when we do this it significantly reduces the chance that the board will warp.

Wood comes from a tree that doesn't grow perfectly straight and level. Trees are unique and natural and beautiful.

When the wood is milled it is typically a section that is a little offset from the center which you can see by the rings of the tree on the ends. The rings are circular so they are curved one way or the other. Sometimes it is the "crown" of a board.

When that board is exposed to a lot of moisture and then dries out it will curl along the direction of the rings in the wood. When we take these smaller sections, we make sure that the rings are oriented differently on each piece thus reducing the curling effect.

All of our boards are created using wood that we source ourselves so we know the wood and the environment the tree grew in. This gives us a better feel for how clean the wood is. 

Then we only use food grade adhesive. The adhesive is Titebond 3 which you can look up for yourself. 

We just wanted to share why you see the construction of cutting boards in sections and offer to provide either option.

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