Care for Your Cutting Board in 3 Easy Steps and Have It Look Like New Again

It is shameful when your cutting board on your island looks old and worn. It may not even be old, but it’s been used. You have great memories and probably use it just about every day. You use it to chop, serve, prep your meal and set a dish on. So why aren’t you caring for it the way it should be?

Believe me, I’ve been in the same situation. Because it sits out all the time, I don’t notice the condition so much. Until, one day I do. So, let’s break out the oil and conditioner and make it like new again.


Aside from the appearance, there are real reasons why you should care for your board properly. You want to ensure long life for your knives and you want your beautiful board to last a lifetime. Not to mention, you want it to be clean and not harboring bacteria. So, let’s get started.


Step 1: Clean your board. As always, after using your board, scrub it with hot, soapy water then rinse and dry. Do not submerge the board in water and do not soak in water. For stain removal, use coarse salt and a half of lemon to scrub the board. Let the lemon and salt mixture sit for about five minutes. Then wipe clean, rinse the board and dry. Not only will this remove stains but it will deodorize and remove any strong odors.


In addition to cleaning your board, it is important to oil and condition your board monthly. It may be tempting to extend time between oil and conditioning but it is important to keep this step. The longer you wait between oiling and conditioning your board, the more likely the board will crack and become damaged.


Once your board cracks and is damaged, there are a number of safety concerns. The board will become more difficult to clean which means bacteria will begin to grow. The bacteria can make its way to food causing serious illness. There is also a safety concern when trying to use a sharp knife on a cracked and damaged surface.


Finally, it’s important to note here as stated on your board should probably be replaced when it shows an abundance of deep grooves. Most wood boards that are properly cared for will last at least 5 to 10 years. When you notice deep cracks, the board begins to warp or it has a distinct smell that cleaning does not eliminate, it may be time to replace it.  EagleCreek Boards offers a wide selection of high-quality chef favorites for durable, long-lasting, natural wood boards.


Take steps to properly care for your board. At least one time per month, oil the board. Oiling is a good first step. Not all oils are the same. Olive oil and standard cooking oils will damage your board. Using an organic, fractionated coconut oil that is 100% pure ensures that the board is protected and only natural products are used on it to season and care for the wood.


Step 2: Oil Your Board. To oil, liberally apply the pure fractionated coconut oil using a cloth or paper towel, spread it over the entire board. Let this soak in overnight or at least a few hours.


You will see how your dry your board is as the oil soaks in. Repeat this step a few times until the board retains its shine and the absorbtion rate slows. Excess oil can be wiped off with a dry cloth or paper towel.


Step 3: Condition Your Board. In addition to oiling, you should use a conditioner that includes an element of wax to seal the board from moisture. Here too, wax is not all the same. Keeping an all-natural approach EagleCreek Boards uses a clean simple board conditioning product combining the organic fractionated coconut oil with organic natural beeswax treats the wood in only elements found in nature. This combination provides a beautiful seal without any strong chemical scents that may be absorbed by the board. The sealing step will help to extend the life of your board by ensuring excess water is not absorbed.


Some are tempted to only oil and skip conditioning or vice versa. Both steps are important. First you need to oil your board to make sure it stays moisturized and it does not dry and crack. Secondly, the conditioner seals in the moisture. It will protect the board as you use it and wash it daily. You can see below the difference with only oil and then with oil and conditioner.

 Cutting Board Care Oil vs Oil and Wax 

Once that board is oiled and conditioned it will look like new again. It will be ready to use and be that beautiful statement piece in your kitchen that you love and once again makes you proud.







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