Serving Board, Grazing Board, Cutting Board, Charcuterie Board: The Latest Kitchen Item to Display

No more storing your board! Display that gorgeous wooden piece on your counter, island, or lean it against your backsplash.  

We often see a new piece each year make its way into the designer kitchens on tv and in the magazines. It may have been oversized letters, glass mason jars or hanging pans in years gone by. More recently, we have seen that cutting boards have proudly found their place in the kitchen as a functional piece on a counter or set out as a decorative piece to delight the eye.

When selecting a board, look for durable hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, maple, birch, or a stand-out beauty like mahogany. It is easy to see why these appeal to so many.

Cutting boards are a smart and unique item if you are searching for an heirloom, or collectors piece, culinary-wise. Think about how you would use the board to build out the ideal gift like cheese knives, rolling pins or beautiful dishes.

The rustic farmhouse style has stirred the imaginations of  many and reinvigorated the interest in cutting boards. It is apparent when you see the board on display and the contrast to the background why they are such a hit.

Whether you have an all white kitchen and prefer unfinished, simple boards or opt to match your wood floors to your serving board, there is something for everyone. They are the ultimate accomplice to your kitchen. 

Marble is also a beautiful stone option for serving cheese or items to stay cold. Chill it before in your refrigerator to keep your dish cold longer.

Showcase many different boards by layering them against your backsplash or hanging on a wall. Keep one right on the counter, next to the sink for a useful, everyday culinary piece. You will be surprised how much you use it!


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